Africa & Migration: Analysis – Future of Journalism Education – E-Learning!

Launch of a new project funded by the Federal Foreign Office

The "AMAZE!" project kicked off in early May at the Erich Brost Institute (EBI). The project comprises three components: The first phase focuses on a cross-continental comparative analysis of media coverage on migration between Europe and Africa. Concurrently, young African journalism educators are encouraged to make themselves familiar with the teaching platform that we are currently developing for journalism training.The third component is a Train-the-Trainers project for young African journalism educators during an Autumn School.

The goal of the project is to strengthen relevant multipliers and their regional networks in journalism education in several African countries. With the help of an extensive content analysis, it promotes a critical debate about the role of media in African countries concerning migration issues. The planned Train-the-Trainers activity explicitly promotes the qualification and networking of the young generation of African journalism educators. The project is directly linked to an e-Learning platform for journalism students, which is already under development and financed by EU funds.

The first phase of the analysis is currently underway. Project partners from more than ten different European and African countries have already discussed a focus and a structure for the study. The core of the content analysis is the respective national media coverage of migration from African to European countries as well as within the African continent. The study includes partner universities in Uganda, Ghana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Libya, Poland, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, Latvia, Norway, and Italy. The study builds on a previous one, which was published in 2022 as a paper titled "Covering Migration – in Africa and Europe: Results from a Comparative Analysis of 11 Countries" in "Journalism Practice.".