Dr. Ines Drefs

Program Director MEDAS 21

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 10/2019: Postdoc and Program Manager of Post Graduate School MEDAS 21, Erich Brost Institute
  • 04/2018 – 09/2018: ZBW - Advisor, GO FAIR Support and Coordination Office, Leibniz Informationszentrum Wirtschaft
  • 01/2012 – 03/2019: Doctorate (Dr. phil.), Universität Hamburg, Graduate School Media and Communication, Title: „Usage Practices and Democratic Relevance of Journalism in the Social Web. A Multiple Case Study in German International Broadcasting“
  • 02/2017 – 05/2017: External Evaluator, Deutsche Welle Akademie, BMZ Project „Journalism Support Mongolia“
  • 09/2014 – 02/2017: Research Associate, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, EU-Project „Media, Conflict and Democratisation“
  • 1/2012 – 9/2014: PhD Fellowship, Program “Comparing International Media Politics” at TU Chemnitz, Hochschule Mittweida and Hanns Seidel Foundation
  • 12/2009 – 06/2011: Corporate Communications Trainee, Jacobs University gGmbH, Bremen
  • 09/2007 – 11/2009: Master of Arts, University of Aarhus, Denmark (1st semester); University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (2nd semester); University of Hamburg, Germany (3rd and 4th semester), Erasmus Mundus Master Program: “Journalism and Media within Globalisation: The European Perspective”  
  • 10/2004 – 08/2007: Bachelor of Arts, Universitity od Erfurt, Germany. Major: Communication Studies, Minor: Social Sciences
  • 08/2005 – 01/2006: ASEM-DUO Fellowship, Yonsei University Seoul, South Korea
  • 07/1996 – 07/2003: Abitur [high school diploma], Grotefend Gymnasium, Hann. Münden

Research Interest

Media assistance, media and democratization, journalism cultures, and online deliberation


  • Drefs, Ines (2021). A Chance for Dialogical Journalism? Social Web Practices and Handling of User Comments at Deutsche Welle. Berlin: Digital Communication Research. doi:10.48541/dcr.v7.0
  • Monika Linne; Ines Drefs; Nora Dörrenbächer; Pascal Siegers; Mathias Bug (2021): GO FAIR und GO CHANGE: Chancen für das deutsche Wissenschaftssystem. In: Praxishandbuch Forschungsdatenmanagement. Ed. Putnings, M., Neuroth, H., und Neumann, J. (2021). Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter Saur. doi: https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110657807
  • Drefs, Ines (2020): Grüne, Anne/Hafez, Kai/Priyadharma, Subekti/Schmidt, Sabrina (eds.): Media and transformation in Germany and Indonesia: asymmetrical comparisons and perspectives. Book review. Publizistik (2020). Download here
  • Thomaß, Barbara; Drefs, Ines (2020): The Role of International Non-governmental Organisations. In: Journalism and Journalism Education in Developing Countries. Hrsg. von Beate Illg und Beatrice Dernbach. Manipal Universal Press.  
  • Drefs, Ines; Thomaß, Barabara (2019): The Participation Approach in Media Development Cooperation. In: Media, Communication and the Struggle for Democratic Change. Case Studies on Contested Transitions. Ed. Katrin Voltmer et. al. Palgrave.
  • Drefs, Ines / Linne, Monika / Tochtermann, Klaus (2018): FAIRe Forschung. Wie Wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken den Herausforderungen von Open Science begegnen. In: BuB - Forum Bibliothek und Information, 70 (11): 636-639. ISSN 1869 -1137 Download here
  • Drefs, Ines; Thomaß, Barbara (2017): Communication and Conflict in Transitional Societies – Integrating Media and Communication in Development Cooperation. Policy Brief. MeCoDEM Working Papers. Download here
  • Drefs, Ines; Thomaß, Barbara (2016): Media Development From A New Angle. DW Akademie guest article. http://www.dw.com/en/media-development-from-a-new-angle/a-36230886
  • Drefs, Ines; Thomaß, Barbara (2016): Supporting Journalism in Conflict Societies. Policy Brief. MeCoDEM Working Papers. Download here 
  • Drefs, Ines; Thomaß, Barbara (2015): Literature Review: Research Findings About Organisations Engaging in Media Assistance in the Fields of Journalism Training, Civil Society Support, and Good Governance. MeCoDEM Working Papers. Download here
  • http://www.mecodem.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Drefs-Thomass-2015_-Research-findings-about-media-asisstance-organisations.pdfDrefs, Ines (2014): “Ten Years That Shook the Media World: Big Questions and Big Trends in International Media Developments“. Book Review. Digital Journalism 2 (1): 121–23. doi:10.1080/21670811.2013.820062.


Conference contributions

  • 11 Nov 2020: "Between local contexts and international standards: Modelling the practices of media development actors based on structuration theory", presentation (peer-reviewed), 8th conference on „Comparative Media Studies in Today‘s World“, St. Petersburg (digital).
  • 7 March 2019: „Making Online Research Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR)”, poster presentation (peer-reviewed), 21st General Online Research Conference (GOR), Cologne
  • 9 Oct 2018: „The GO FAIR approach: Building a federated environment for scientific data sharing and re-use based on Implementation Networks”, poster presentation (peer-reviewed), Digital Infrastructures for Research (DI4R) 2018, Lisbon
  • 18 May 2017: „Moderne Medienentwicklungszusammenarbeit – Perspektiven aus Empirie und Praxis”, Gastvortrag, Seminar “Entwicklungskommunikation – Kommunikation für sozialen Wandel” (Dr Kefa Hamidi), Universitty of Leipzig
  • 04 Nov 2016: „Facing ethical dilemmas: Journalists and media development actors in conflict societies“, panel discussion, symposium of Forum Medien und Entwicklung (FoME), Berlin  
  • 22 Sep 2016. „Funding Trends”, presentation, World Forum for Media Development (GFMD), Jakarta
  • 27 July 2016: „Development Cooperation in Conflict Societies: The Role of Media Assistance Organisations” (with Barbara Thomaß), presentation (peer-reviewed), 24th World Congress of Political Science (IPSA), Poznan
  • 25 July 2016: „Democratic Relevance of Social Web Commentary: Citizens’ Response to Journalistic News Coverage”, presentation (peer-reviewed), 24th World Congress of Political Science (IPSA), Poznan
  • 04 Dec 2015: „International Media Development in Conflict Societies”, presentation, workshop “Media, Conflict and Democratisation”, University of Belgrade
  • 03 June 2015: „Journalists in Touch with the Audience. Insights from a Case Study in International Broadcasting”, presentation, training workshop „Ombudspeople in Tunisia”, Erich Brost Institute, Tunis
  • 05 Nov 2014: „Democratic Relevance of Journalism in the Social Web: Journalistic Handling of User Communication”, presentation (peer-reviewed), 5th European Communication Conference (ECREA), Lisbon
  • 01 Sep 2014: „Overtrolled and underliked? Journalismus im Umgang mit Social Web-Kommentaren”, Fachforum Medien, Hanns Seidel Foundation, “Journalismus zwischen den Wogen der Datenflut”, Hamburg
  • 24 May 2014: „Journalistic Social Web Communication: A Theoretical and Methodological Proposal for Analyzing Democratic Potential”, presentation (peer-reviewed), International Communication Association (ICA), 64th Annual Conference, Seattle
  • 28 June 2013: „Professional Social Web Usage – Analyzing Journalism Practice in a Digital Environment”, presentation (peer-reviewed) International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), Dublin