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"What if...? Safety Handbook for Women Journalists"

SIIC-fellow and longtime war correspondent Abeer Saady gives practical advice on personal experience in her new book. It is specially addressed to women journalists working in conflict

Abeer Saady, SIIC PhD fellow and longtime war journalist, gives advice and recommendations on security to female correspondents in her new book "What if...? Safety Handbook for Women Journalists". 

The aim is to create an environment, where women can perform their job without fear or danger. "This book is not about one woman's experience, but about the collective experience of many women journalists", Saady explains in her book. "If you have your grab bag of preperation techniques - risk assessment, profile management, situational and digital awareness and a safety plan along with your physical grab bag - your ability to survive dangerous situations is enhanced." 

The handbook published by the International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT), can be downloaded online at the IAWRT's website. 

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